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Button Marketing Consultancy - Brand Marketing and Content Strategy


Let me introduce you to my marketing consultancy Button Marketing. My business is based on two key ingredients:

  1. Brand Passion to bring your brand alive
  2. Creative Disruption designed to get your brand noticed in a noisy world

Starting from a strong strategic brand foundation my aim is create campaigns that

  • Create curiosity
  • Inspiries an audience
  • Changes minds
  • Engages and leaves the audience wanting to find out more

all with the aim of driving traffic to your business

As a freelance marketing consultant, brand director and content strategist I work with many consumer businesses large and small to advise and develop strong branded content strategies, social media marketing, advertising campaigns and brand styling.  With over 20 years’ experience within the consumer sector, working for retailers, restaurants and a leading hotel group, I do understand the pressure clients face within this crowded and fast paced market.  Together with Button’s team partners, I bring a unique blend of expertise,  creativity, ideas and innovation to each and every one of my clients.  Below are just some of the areas I can help your business with.



Branding & Brand Design

branding and brand design

Creating a Best Loved Brand

What makes a “Loved Brand” or a “Brand For Me”.  The starting point for any brand story is you. What makes your business unique? What sets you apart? What do you stand for? I help you define and refine your purpose, values and positioning. With the groundwork in place, I’ll build your brand and visual identity both online and offline.


Creative Content & Social Media Marketing

creative online content and social media marketing

Creative Disruption & Innovative Ideas

The online world is noisy and busy and you only have a few seconds to grab attention and make a great impression.  I’ll work with you to make sense of what engaging and compelling really means. I will help you identify and connect with your audience, advise on which social platforms to use and create a calendar of disruptive content from videos, copywriting, blogs and Facebook creative to get you to the heart of online conversations.


Photography Styling and Video Storyboarding

photography brand styling and video storyboarding

On Brand Visual Storytelling

There’s no better way to bring your product or brand story to life than with strong visuals and video images.  Since my early career I have worked on some of the most memorable and iconic TV commercials and have pulled together complex photography shoots.  I can work with you to develop your ideas from initial scripts and storyboards to casting calls and photography styling.


Consultancy & Campaign Management

tv advertising beach location

Idea Generation & Project Management

Yes – that is a bed on a beach!  Alongside a new menu to launch, a new shop to open, onsite point of sale, customer journey planning…..   this TV commercial shoot is just one of the many advertising campaigns I’ve successfully managed over the years as a freelance marketing consultant.  I am a meticulous campaign planner, ensuring all the details are covered from development to implementation. I understand the importance of keeping a project on track, on time and on budget.


If you need marketing, branding or content help for your business I would love to hear from you.  Contact me or visit Button Marketing for more information.