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Hello – great to see you here and welcome to The Content Kitchen my blog on all things brand marketing & content mixed with some downtime lifestyle musings.  All the posts have a strong emphasis on branding, creativity, and design.

Before we start here is a little about me

  • Red wine in the winter, a chilled white in the summer, bubbly all year round
  • Total foodie which helpfully is balanced with a love of running and yoga
  • Fair weather sailor, being by the sea, long walks in the country side and lazy Sundays
  • Jaw aching laughs with great friends & city breaks
  • Inspiration and creativity is all around us so take it all in today – tomorrow is another day
  • Family & friends (and my dog) are the most important things in my life

I think that about sums me up!

Sarah Mieszkian editor and blogger at The Content Kitchen Marketing and Lifestyle Blog

Editor and blogger at The Content Kitchen marketing and lifestyle blog

On the professional side I am a creative freelance marketing consultant, brand director and content strategist and the founder of Button Marketing.

I’m not going to give my age away but lets say I have been working in the world of retail and consumer marketing for a fair few years.   In the days before online, digital and social you would find me running around TV shoots, managing major rebranding projects, designing new restaurant interiors, organising new menu reviews and attending radio recordings to bring you some of the best loved & award winning advertising campaigns on the high street.  Fast forward a few years I am now fully immersed into the wonderful world of digital marketing and content creation.  So basically good old fashioned experienced fused with modern day thinking.

TV commercial shoot on location


I love creativity, I love ideas and I am always on the look for new inspirations.  I love the way strong branding and creative marketing has the power to inspire, to change minds, to create strong brands.  In the noisy world of online and digital you only have seconds to stop a visitor to your website in their tracks.

I started this blog – The Content Kitchen – to take the marketing strategy out from behind the desk and onto the streets, looking at reallife examples of how other brands express their brand identity and personality across the whole customer journey through words, imagery, interiors and everything in between.

So come and join me as I take you on a wonderful journey of branding and creativity around London and beyond.

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The imagery on this blog is part mine.  But there are occasions when I need a little extra help and have downloaded imagery from sites such as Kaboompics, Unsplash, Bossfight, StocksnapPexels, Picography, and Picjumbo to name a few