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How One Fashion Brand Has Created a Well Defined Brand Story

Hope At Home Fashion

Last week I went to the Hope at Home fashion event where I met the very inspiring Nayna McIntosh, Hope’s founder, and her team.

Apart from the beautiful designs, what impressed me was their well defined brand story that positions real women of all shapes, age and size at its heart.  In Nayna’s words Hope is about the impact dressing can have on a woman. “Hope is about making women feel beautifully confident and for some women it’s a long time since they’ve felt that about themselves.”

And this ethos runs consistently throughout every strand of the business. They have taken a big stick and given the fundamentals of the fashion industry an almighty shake up.

From the designs – designed by real women for real women.  This includes their “foundation” pieces that flatter the figure and gorgeous layering pieces to dress up or down any outfit

To the language – replacing unflattering size descriptions such as XL with the more sexy “Curvy”.  Fantastic!  Who on earth wants to be called Extra Large!


Hope Fashion – beautiful layering. Photography: Hope Fashion


Hope Fashion

Hope Fashion – foundation pieces to flatter any figure. Photography: Hope Fashion


This is truly a great example of a company who understands who their audience is and it is refreshing to see them bring some realism and real life into their brand language.


Hope At Home Fashion

Photography: Button Marketing. Taken at a recent Hope At Home Fashion event


Do you have an example of a company with a well defined and great brand story?  If so I would love to hear about it.



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