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Button Bites – Brand Heritage and its role in Content Creation

Brand Heritage

“You have to stay true to your heritage. That’s what your brand is about”.   Alice Temperley


Very wise words Alice. Recently I was working on a brand messaging strategy for a large corporate and with so many strands of the business story to communicate, I was struggling to find a way of tying them all together.

So I did what I always do when I hit a brick wall when writing copy – I went right back to the beginning, to the roots and foundation of the business.  Where did the original inspiration come from? What was that initial spark or idea?

Without fail this give me enough focus, stimulus and inspiration to repurpose and modernise the brand story to create unique content for that all important differentiation.

So next time you need extra ideas for your communication and content creation go back to the beginning and ask yourself – “What’s at the heart of my business?”


Button Bites is a series of incredibly useful morsels of information to inspire your marketing efforts.


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