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Do you know your Bokeh from your Hygge? The latest visual trends on social media

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was mastering the art of over-head product shots with items “carelessly” scattered on distress white boards or holding a single scoop of ice cream balanced on top of a waffle cone. Well apparently that is so last month darling!   Ok maybe a bit harsh but like fashion, time moves quickly in the world of visual content creation.






Our appetite for sharing and posting our every day experiences on social platforms doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. But as is the way with anything style related, trends change almost as quickly as high street fashion. To keep photography interesting and inspiring leading bloggers look at keeping their feeds fresh and current by exploring different ways to show off their topics.

So who are the new kids on the block in terms of visual trends?   Here is the first in a series of blogs presenting the freshest visual styles hitting your newsfeed.



Two major high street brands – The White Company and Mint Velvet – dropped their Winter catalogues on the floor of our cottage last week. One thing they had in common was Hygge. Being a curious soul I immediately ran to the office to google what it meant.


According to Wikipedia it’s a Danish word which broadly means ‘snug’.  Visually it conveys a mood of “coziness”, particularly when relaxing with good friends or loved ones and while enjoying good food.  So with the tumble in temperatures this week and slivers of frost in the early morning what a great way of snuggling down with faux furs, soft velvets whilst hugging a steaming mug of hot chocolate or better still mulled wine. All I need now is a Persian cat and I”m sorted!


Image Credit: Mint Velvet Hygge

Image Credit: Mint Velvet



Image Credit: The White Company



Image Credit: The White Company


Of course Hygge lends itself beautifully to home lifestyle brands – cushions, throws, blankets, candles etc. But other brands can equally get across this evocative mood. Here are some examples from within the hospitality industry.


Premier Inn

Image Credit: Premier Inn


The Swan Inn at Denham

Image Credit: The Swan Inn at Denham


The Blue Peter Inn in Polperro

The Blue Peter Inn in Polperro





As a blogger I use a number of stock imagery sites (see credits here) and whilst looking for inspiration I keep coming across the search term Bokeh. I know – to photographers out there this is not a new concept. When I mentioned it to the hubby – a very good amateur photographer – he was able to reel off quite a detailed explanation which included terms such as depth of field, lens aperture and shallow focus. Having worked on film sets and styled many a photo shoot I do know a little about photography but I wanted to get a better definition.

The word bokeh comes from the Japanese term Boke which means blur. Again referring to Wikipedia it sums up the terms as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”. The effect is stunning and brings a special atmospheric dimension to instagram feeds especially those who want to evoke a harmonious mood.






Again like Hygge the style can be translated across both lifestyle and hospitality brands

The Jolly Farmer Pub in Cookham

Image Credit: The Jolly Farmer Pub in Cookham


The Crown At Bray Pub

Image Credit: The Crown At Bray Pub


Photography can be a very personal thing and a great way to really communicate the personality of your brand and so I will be dedicating quite a lot of this space to introduce new trends on the visual landscape.  Watch this space!


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