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The Beautiful Side of Ugly

In our everyday lives we move around so fast that sometimes we miss creative moments.  With peeling paint and rusted ironwork, derelict buildings or abandoned barns are just ugly sites that warrant no more than a quick glance.  But stop and take a look for a while?  What do you really see?  Some of my best branding moodboard inspirations come from these unloved buildings.  They are full of texture and reveal layers of eclectic colours. And when I am looking for inspiration for a photography backdrop or product propping then these give me just the styling ideas I need.


Rustic textures and strong colours mood board inspiration

I took this picture whilst meandering through the narrow streets in Montblanc – a gorgeous medieval town in the Catalonia region of Spain.  What stopped me in my tracks was the clash of reds,  yellows and texture overload.

Texture and Colours Brand Moodboards

I walk past this barn pretty much everyday.  It is ugly but the corrugated iron mixed with splintered wood and metal gate make a great inspiration for a moodboard.


Rustic Texture and Colour Moodboard Inspiration

Peeling paint reveals pastel blue underneath with strong rust tones.  The brickwork adds to the texture palette


Texture and Colour Inspiration





Plaster falls away leaving rustic bricks underneath





See how the inspiration comes together to enhance the food shot.  Splintered wood, creased napkin add a beautiful dimensions to the photography



Pizza restaurant.  The rustic wood panels add an authentic feature to the interior and dining experience.



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