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Why Blogging is a Vital Part of Your Content Strategy

Why blogging is an important part of your content strategy

Search around the internet as to why your business needs a blog and there’s a super high chance you will be bombarded with terms such as “builds audience engagement” and “increases traffic instantly”.

So, we are led to believe that the moment we publish a blog our businesses will be inundated with enquiries. Hmm! Can it really be that simple? I am constantly asked by my clients about the relevance and impact of blogs to help their business. And more specifically what are they going to write about and how can they keep up the momentum?

So let me help out and answer some of these questions.


What does building audience engagement actually mean?

We marketers have a tendency to look at engagement mainly in terms of functional metrics – how many likes, how many followers, how many shares, who has signed up for emails. Whilst this is important I want to delve into how blogs can bring out the human side of a brand story. As humans we want conversations – two way conversations with plenty of interaction. Consumers today have so much choice which puts them in the driving seat of who to follow and who not to. So posts need to create intrigue and interest to grab attention and cut through the message noise.

Looking at it from your point of view, as a consumer brand you have created a company from a nugget of an idea and developed it with passion. Now you want to share with the world and bottom line is you want your audience to respond with “you know what – this is definitely a brand for me”.

And this is what the social channels, in particular blogs, allows you to do. It gives you the opportunity to step out from behind your website and bring out your passion for your product and give a human voice to your online communications.

The big caveat here is you need to take the time to really get to know who your ideal customer is and what interests them. This goes beyond demographics and age groups. This is about drilling down and creating personas.


How will it help my business?

Let’s be clear – there is no quick route to instant success. Blogs work best as part of a wider social media marketing toolkit and this has to be underpinned by a well planned content marketing strategy.

In the crowded online community you want your website to be found and blogging can support your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. The more visitors you have visiting your site the greater the chance you have to convert these into new business. I know SEO is a whole big topic in its own right but in summary:

Website Updates

Each time you update your website with new blog pages it tells the search engine robots your website is active. And with each new page you post comes new opportunities to be found as these pages get indexed.


Closely interlinked with the updates is making sure you have the right keyword strategy for SEO purposes. When writing your blog you need to ensure relevant keywords are included so do research on what your customers are searching for.


Think of this as a two way traffic system for your other social channels so coordinate and publish across all of them to boost traffic back to your website. And vice versa,  by having the right social media sharing buttons on your blog will allow website visitors to share across their own social channels to get more people talking about your brand.


What do I write about? 

Blogs are a wonderful way of promoting your product by punching out the authenticity of your brand or retail outlet. So when thinking about blog posts, brainstorm ideas of what will be of interest to your audience. I know I mentioned before but consumers have so much choice. They are constantly seeking out information and researching so they can make an informed decision before purchase. So give them reasons and confidence that you are the brand or product for them. Sending out the same message that your coffee shop sells great coffee or your hotel sells great hotel rooms isn’t going to cut it. As a brand owner you do need to creatively think beyond the basics of what you sell. Look around you and get inspiration from other brands (but don’t copy – be unique). I often hit the high street and seek out great story telling examples and some of the best gems come from the smaller brands.

And it’s not all about reams of words and essay like commentary. Visual blogging and videos are just as powerful at differentiating your message.   For consumer brands you can get creative and really make your product the center of attention.


How do I sustain and keep up the writing?

Blogs are not expensive but you do need to invest the time to get the best results. I would always advise taking time to develop a content plan, mapping out a themed calendar of regular posts. A framework not only helps you forward plan blog posts but also visually maps out items of interest that link back to your business objectives. Publishing once in a blue moon isn’t going to give you the cut through.

There are so many online tools and scrapbooks that allows you to collect thoughts and ideas you may come across in your day to day life. So set aside time each week to review and post up your own thoughts and don’t forget to synch with your other social channels.


Need help with developing your content marketing strategy or brainstorming ideas for your blog then give me a call to discuss or email Together lets share and spread the word to promote your brand.


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