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How Joined Up is Your Brand Experience

how joined up is your brand experience

Aligning what you say about your brand on your website and social channels with how the brand promise is delivered at site level through your staff, ambience and product delivery is key to ensuring a great customer experience.

In todays crazy, fast moving, wonderful world we are inundated with brand building strategies that can be somewhat confined to the online world – “content” “story-telling” “responsive websites” “social strategies”

Your brand is a complex jigsaw puzzle of multiple touch-points and joining all the dots across the entire customer journey is crucial.   Your customers don’t just interact via a logo or website. They walk into “bricks & mortar”, they talk to your team, they sit in spaces you have created and ultimately they purchase your product. No amount of glossy content will build advocacy if in reality the product they experience doesn’t live up to the expectations you have sold them online.

Its important therefore that the entire business connects and co-owns the brand promise and the balance of focus is strategically distributed across all the touch-points. So how your team engage with your customer, the warmth of welcome a customer receives in your shop or hotel, the booking experience and the ambience and personality must have a consistent brand ribbon running through it.

The little details can have a huge impact so a key question brands should be asking is “Does the experience customers have with your brand actually meet with their expectations at all parts of the customer journey?”


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