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Food & Loos! The Little Customer Experience Details Matter Too

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Where you sit in a restaurant is a big deal.  No one wants to be planted in the main thoroughfare or underneath a speaker blaring out music.  But probably the worst seat in the house is the one nearest the toilet.

First off, I am not a food blogger or restaurant/hotel critic. I’m just on the look for those splashes of magic that adds that little bit of special to the overall shopping or diner experience. Those touches that bring a brand story to life. Mostly I’m on the look for creativity and the good bits but occasionally the bad bits need a mention too.

As a customer this is what I recently experienced, not once but twice in two totally unrelated restaurants. Nice friendly staff showed us to a nice table, drinks were brought promptly and then boom – the door opposite opened and there in all its glory was the toilet!

We had a saying back in my grocery retail marketing days – Retail is Detail.  So why oh why would you do this? Food and Loos just don’t mix.

Its easy to get caught up in the really important elements such as the food, menu planning, ambience, great customer service. But the customer experience extends beyond this and the little details matter too  and the lasting impression is just as important as the first one.


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